Customization of personal care products

● Product type: Shaving Blade, Shaving Blade Safe mesh, cosmetology Blade, Eyebrow Trimmer Blades, Eyebrow Blades Safe mesh, more product

● Main materials: Considering the characteristics of sharpness and wear resistance, the blade material is usually a special material, often using materials from Sweden and Japan. We can customize materials that better meet your product requirements based on the characteristics of your products.

● Application area: Razor, Eyebrow razor, Hair clipper, Trimmer, Etc.

● Other customized: We can provide customized products that meet your specific needs such as materials, graphics, thickness, etc. Please email us with your requirements.

Product Detail

Personal care has become increasingly important in modern life as people prioritize their appearance and hygiene. The sharpness and skin-friendliness of blades are crucial factors that affect our daily experience. A sharp blade can cleanly and quickly cut hair without tugging, while a well-designed metal piece that fits snugly against our skin prevents us from being scratched by the sharp blade and is friendly to our skin.

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To produce high-quality shaving razors or eyebrow razors, the blade is a crucial component. We can provide a complete product solution based on your specific needs, including material selection, manufacturing processes, and post-processing.

Materials: We typically use specialized blade steel from Sweden to produce our products, but we can also use materials of your choice based on the product's characteristics.

Manufacturing processes: We will use comprehensive manufacturing processes to achieve the quality you require. These include etching (to remove burrs, sharpen the blade, and use special hard steel), stamping (to shape the product), welding (to assemble the product), and grinding (to sharpen the blade a second time).

We can produce various blade types, including hair clipper blades, shaving razor blades, eyebrow razor blades, and blade guards. If you have any requirements or need further discussion, please contact us via email.

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