• Precision lead frame customization

    Precision lead frame customization

    IC lead frame is a printed circuit board manufacturing technology that connects wires and electronic components through metal leads. This technology is widely used in the manufacturing of integrated circuits (IC) and printed circuit boards in electronic devices. This art...
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  • Mobile phone folding screen etching

    Mobile phone folding screen etching

    Recently, a professional stainless steel corrosion processing plant has successfully developed a new stainless steel corrosion processing technology for making steel mesh for foldable screen smartphones, which has received wide attention. ...
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  • New Stainless Steel Etching Technology

    Recently, a new type of stainless steel etching technology has been successfully developed. This technology can engrave patterns or text on the surface of stainless steel, with clear and beautiful results, and is widely used in decoration, signage, and craft products. It...
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