Industrial equipment products

● Product type: adjustment Spacers,Custom Gaskets, Flexible Heaters,Flat Springs,Etc.

● Main materials: Stainless Steel(SUS),Titanium(Ti),molybdenum(Mo),Copper(Cu),Etc.

● Application area: can be applied to various transportation vehicles and mechanical assemblies

● Other customized: We can provide customized products that meet your specific needs such as materials, graphics, thickness, etc. Please email us with your requirements.

Product Detail

Introduction In modern industry and life, small accessories such as adjustment spacers, custom gaskets, flexible heaters, and flat springs are essential for enhancing the performance and usability of various products.

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Adjustment Spacers

Adjustment spacers are small accessories used in machinery, automotive, electronics, and other fields. They can adjust the thickness of spacers according to actual needs, reducing assembly difficulty and improving product sealing.

Custom Gaskets

Custom gaskets are small accessories that can be customized into various shapes according to drawings. They are used for sealing and cushioning in machinery, aviation, automotive, electronics, and other fields.

Flexible Heaters

Flexible heaters are small accessories used in low-temperature heating devices such as car heating seats, heating insulated cups, and heating vests. They are made of flexible materials and can adapt to various product shapes, improving comfort and practicality.

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Flat Springs

Flat micro elastic sheet is a kind of micro machining component with important significance, which plays a crucial role in the field of industrial manufacturing. Its flat, micro elastic, long life and other characteristics enable it to play a unique advantage in many applications.

First of all, the flatness of flat micro elastic sheets makes them suitable for micro processing, suitable for manufacturing micro devices, micro machinery,and other fields.

Due to its small size and light weight, it can play an important role in these fields.

Secondly, flat micro elastic pieces have micro elasticity and can withstand great pressure and deformation without breaking. This allows it to bear greater loads in the manufacturing field, ensuring product durability and reliability.

Thirdly, flat micro elastic pieces have a long service life and can be used multiple times. Due to its special materials and processing technology, it can maintain its performance and accuracy for a long time. This can not only improve the efficiency of industrial manufacturing, but also reduce manufacturing costs.


Overall, small accessories such as adjustment spacers, custom gaskets, flexible heaters, and flat springs play a crucial role in modern industry and life. They enhance product performance and usability, improve aesthetics and sealing, and increase reliability and safety.