Medical and health device products

● Product type: TEM grids, Healthcare titanium products, bones Stents, Etc.

● Main materials: Titanium (Ti), Copper (Cu), Etc.

● Application area: Medical testing, operating room, human support frame. Etc.

● Other customized: We can provide customized products that meet your specific needs such as materials, graphics, thickness, etc. Please email us with your requirements.

Product Detail

TEM grids are mainly used on cell carriers in laboratory testing, which can provide clearer observations of cell structures and morphology, further studying their function and characteristics. The morphology and structure of cells play a crucial role in medical research, allowing for the investigation of cell function and disease treatment, making the application of TEM grids in the medical field extremely extensive.

Healthcare titanium products, such as titanium plates and tubes, are widely used in medical devices and implanted objects due to their light weight, high hardness, and corrosion resistance. In the dental field, titanium materials are widely used in implantation of teeth, dental crowns, and supporting teeth in periodontal surgery. In the orthopedic field, titanium materials are applied in implants such as bone fusion devices, bone plates, nails, and screws, used to support and repair broken bones. Titanium materials have excellent biocompatibility and biological stability, with minimal impact on human tissue, making them widely used in the medical field.

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Bone stents are implants used to support or bind products in bone repair surgery. Fractures are a common injury, and bone repair surgery often requires support or binding products to maintain bone stability and promote fracture healing. Traditional fracture repair surgery typically uses metal bone nails or plates for fixation, but these methods have limitations such as high trauma and restrictions in the fracture site. Bone stents, as a new type of implant, have better biocompatibility and biological stability, promoting better healing and repair of fractures.

In conclusion, TEM grids, Healthcare titanium products, and Bone stents have extensive application ranges in the medical field. They not only play an important role in research and disease treatment but also improve the efficiency and quality of surgical treatment. With the continuous development of technology, these medical products will have more extensive and in-depth applications.

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