Precision customized products

● Product type: precision mesh, Pointers, Bitcoin password, Etc.

● Main materials: Stainless Steel (SUS), Titanium (Ti), molybdenum (Mo), Copper (Cu), Etc.

● Application area: To meet your product manufacturing needs, we can customize various precision components.

● Other customized: We can provide customized products that meet your specific needs such as materials, graphics, thickness, etc. Please email us with your requirements.

Product Detail

Precision Mesh, Pointers, and Bitcoin Password are three distinct products that serve different purposes in various industries. They are essential tools that cater to specific needs, and they have unique features that make them ideal for their respective fields.

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Precision Mesh

Precision Mesh is a customized mesh filter designed to meet specific requirements. It can be tailored to create a mesh with a minimum aperture of 10 micrometers, providing accurate filtration for various applications. This product is essential in fields such as medicine, biology, and chemistry, where precision filtration is necessary.


Pointers are customized needles designed for specific purposes. They can be made according to the user's specifications, such as size, length, and shape. In watchmaking, pointers are a vital component that determines the accuracy of timekeeping. A watchmaker may customize a pointer to achieve the desired precision required in the watch mechanism.

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Bitcoin Password

Bitcoin Password is a hardware wallet used to store and manage cryptocurrency. It provides high-level security features by using a physical device that is disconnected from the internet. The hardware wallet is designed to protect against physical damage and theft, and it uses a password or mnemonic phrase to access the stored cryptocurrency.

The use of Bitcoin Password has become increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency industry due to its security features. However, it is essential to note that the password or mnemonic phrase used to access the wallet must be kept safe and secure. Losing or forgetting the password will result in the permanent loss of access to the stored cryptocurrency.


Precision Mesh, Pointers, and Bitcoin Password are crucial products that serve specific purposes in various industries. The customization of these products provides users with the flexibility to meet their specific requirements, making them ideal for different applications. The use of Bitcoin Password highlights the importance of digital asset security and demonstrates the innovative ways that technology can be applied to solve real-world problems.