Precision optical device products

● Product type: optical slits, Rectangular Slits Matrix, Pinholes, Optical Encoder Disks, Light Filtration,

● Main materials: Stainless Steel(SUS), molybdenum(Mo), Titanium(Ti),Etc.

● Application area: Medical, military, optics, laboratory, etc.

● Other customized: We can provide customized products that meet your specific needs such as materials, graphics, thickness, etc. Please email us with your requirements.

Product Detail

Optical components are crucial devices for controlling, converting, and transmitting light energy, playing important roles in fields such as medical detection, optical projection, optical experiments, and optical science research. Among them, optical filters, rectangular slits matrices, optical slits, optical encoder disks and other optical components have a wide range of applications in practical use.

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An optical filter is an optical element that can filter light, selectively blocking or passing different wavelengths of light. In the field of medical detection, optical filters can be used to filter specific wavelengths of light to obtain the desired spectral information, such as fMRI and fNIRS neuroimaging techniques.

A rectangular slit matrix is an optical element used to control light transmission and distribution, dividing the light beam into multiple directions by etching parallel rectangular gratings on its surface. In optical projection, the rectangular slit matrix can be used to create various patterns, which can be projected onto a surface to form images or text.

An optical slit is a small aperture used to control the shape and direction of light. In optical experiments, optical slits can be used to precisely control the size of the light beam and adjust the angle of incidence to achieve the desired experimental results.

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An optical encoder disk is a rotary optical element used to convert the position or motion of an object into an electrical signal. In the field of optical science research, optical encoder disks can be used to measure the rotation angle or speed of a rotating object, such as a motor or turbine.

In conclusion, optical components such as optical filters, rectangular slit matrices, optical slits, and optical encoder disks play important roles in a variety of applications, from medical detection and optical projection to optical experiments and scientific research. By using these components effectively, researchers and practitioners can manipulate light energy to achieve desired results and advance our understanding of the world around us.